Culture Chem have a good services by technical personal for answers about any questions from our customers which the answer is about water treatment process.

Lab Service

Culture Chem's Laboratory, registered at the Department of Industrial Work, specializes in analyzing good water and waste water. We are in the process of applying for ISO Guide 25, International standard certification. Culture Chem's Laboratory gives precise and accurate analysis, that clients can evaluate, and solves problems quickly and efficiently.

After Sales Service

Training Program
Apart from distributing chemicals and servicing filtering equipment, Culture Chem provides knowldge and basic training in connection with chemicals used in water systems, maintenance of water filtering systems, and analyzing laboratorial results so that clients recognize the objectives of an operation. Tecnical Team


Culture Chem's well-trained technical team specializes in analyzing and solving system problems. Their job is to select suitable system chemicals, and determine proper chemical levels in order to maintain , fix, and ensure top performance in your systems and machines.